Book Notes

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Here are the books I’ve tracked on

Cibola Burn (The Expanse (4))
by James S. A. Corey

A Rule Against Murder
by Louise Penny

The Resisters: A novel
by Gish Jen

Interior Chinatown: A Novel (Vintage Contemporaries)
by Charles Yu

Words of Radiance
by Brandon Sanderson

Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating Harm, Community Responsibility, and the Duty of Repair
by Sarah Schulman

A More Graceful Shaboom
by Jacinta Bunnell

Changing Lenses: Restorative Justice for Our Times
by Howard Zehr

Freakonomics REV Ed: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything
by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner

The Alienist (TNT Tie-In Edition)
by Caleb Carr

Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology
by Neil Postman

Manage Your Day-To-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind
by Jocelyn K. Glei (Editor)

Proven Guilty
by Jim Butcher

The Maze Runner
by James Dashner

The Three-Body Problem
by Cixin Liu

Go Set a Watchman
by Harper Lee

by Tara Westover

Between the World and Me
by Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Dark Is Rising
by Susan Cooper

by Ayn Rand

Dark Matter
by Blake Crouch

The Gruffalo
by Julia Donaldson

The Child Finder
by Rene Denfeld

The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic
by Mike Duncan

Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb
by Keith Giles

Economics in One Lesson
by Henry Hazlitt

The Fires of Heaven: Book Five of 'the Wheel of Time'
by Robert Jordan

Reviving Old Scratch: Demons and the Devil for Doubters and the Disenchanted
by Richard Beck

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sex God: Exploring the Endless Connections Between Sexuality and Spirituality
by Rob Bell

Red Dragon
by Thomas Harris

Peace Talks
by Jim Butcher

The Great Hunt
by Robert Jordan

Gods of Risk
by James S.A. Corey

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

Christian Anarchy: Jesus' Primacy Over the Powers
by Vernard Eller

by Frank Herbert

Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins

Fool Moon
by Jim Butcher

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy
by Cathy O'Neil

The Case Against Sugar
by Gary Taubes

The World Beyond Your Head: On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction
by Matthew B. Crawford

The Power
by Naomi Alderman

The Calculating Stars
by Mary Robinette Kowal

Harrow the Ninth
by Tamsyn Muir

Atlas Shrugged
by Ayn Rand

Black Is the Body: Stories from My Grandmother's Time, My Mother's Time, and Mine
by Emily Bernard

by Naomi Novik

American Gods
by Neil Gaiman

Scythe, Volume 1
by Neal Shusterman

Crossroads of Twilight: Book Ten of 'the Wheel of Time'
by Robert Jordan

Four Futures: Life After Capitalism
by Peter Frase

Strengths Based Leadership: Great Leaders, Teams, and Why People Follow
by Tom Rath

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)
by J.K. Rowling

Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon
by Kim Zetter

The Cross and the Lynching Tree
by James H. Cone

Mistborn: The Final Empire
by Brandon Sanderson

Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock Potential in Yourself and Your Organization
by Lisa Laskow Lahey, Robert Kegan

The Cabin at the End of the World
by Paul Tremblay

The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy
by David Graeber

White Night
by Jim Butcher

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
by Simon Sinek

New Testament Story: An Introduction
by David L. Barr

An Unintentional Accomplice: A Personal Perspective on White Responsibility
by Carolyn L. Baker

by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

The Old Testament Roots of Nonviolence
by Philip E. Friesen

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone
by Brené Brown

Over Sea, Under Stone
by Susan Cooper

Into the Wild
by Jon Krakauer

The Silmarillion
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Samantha's Surprise: A Christmas Story
by Valerie Tripp

2001: A Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clarke

Brief Cases
by Jim Butcher

Snow Crash
by Neal Stephenson

Dragon Teeth
by Michael Crichton

The Gathering Storm
by Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan

The Slavery of Death
by Richard Beck

The Shadows
by Alex North

No Name in the Street
by James Baldwin

Promise of Blood
by Brian McClellan

by Neal Shusterman

The Gunslinger
by Stephen King

The Big Sleep; Farewell, My Lovely; The High Window
by Raymond Chandler

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
by J.K. Rowling

Emergency Skin
by N.K. Jemisin

Glass Houses
by Louise Penny

Fear and Trembling
by Soren Kierkegaard

The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability
by Tom Smith, Craig Hickman, Roger Connors

Cold Days
by Jim Butcher

Stranger God: Meeting Jesus in Disguise
by Richard Beck

Turn Coat
by Jim Butcher

How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us about Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence
by Michael Pollan

by Jessica Barry

Still Life
by Louise Penny

A Fatal Grace
by Louise Penny

The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho

Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn

Nobody Knows My Name
by James Baldwin

The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern

Towers of Midnight
by Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
by Brené Brown

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline

A Wrinkle in Time
by Madeleine L'Engle

by Octavia E. Butler

The Last Unicorn: The Lost Journey
by Peter S. Beagle

Grave Peril
by Jim Butcher

Alien: Out of the Shadows
by Tim Lebbon

The Lathe of Heaven
by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Law
by Frédéric Bastiat

A Game of Thrones
by George R.R. Martin

A Memory of Light
by Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World
by Robert Jordan

That Holy Anarchist: Reflections on Christianity & Anarchism
by Ched Myers, Mark Van Steenwyk

The Diamond Age
by Neal Stephenson

Nevertheless: The Varieties and Shortcomings of Religious Pacifism
by John Howard Yoder

Ender's Game
by Orson Scott Card

Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career
by Scott H. Young

Getting to Yes: How to Negotiate Agreement Without Giving in
by Roger Fisher, William Ury

How to Be an Antiracist
by Ibram X. Kendi

Death Masks
by Jim Butcher

I Am Not Your Enemy: Stories to Transform a Divided World
by Michael T. McRay, Michael T. McRay

Changing Planes
by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Dragon Reborn
by Robert Jordan

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions
by Dan Ariely

Skin Game
by Jim Butcher

William Gibson's Alien 3
by William Gibson

Brave New World
by Aldous Huxley

by Blake Crouch

Tell No One
by Harlan Coben

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable
by Patrick Lencioni

Whose Body?
by Dorothy L. Sayers

The Cruelest Month
by Louise Penny

The Shadow Rising: Book Four of 'the Wheel of Time'
by Robert Jordan

Crime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, Book Two)
by James Dashner

Fight Club
by Chuck Palahniuk

A is for Activist
by Innosanto Nagara

by Veronica Roth

by Joseph Heller

Winning Body Language: Control the Conversation, Command Attention, and Convey the Right Message--Without Saying a Word
by Mark Bowden

The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't
by Robert I. Sutton

The Fellowship of the Ring
by J.R.R. Tolkien

Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century
by Jessica Bruder

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
by Michael Pollan

Superfreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner

Imaginary Borders
by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds
by Michael Lewis

Anarchy and Christianity
by Jacques Ellul

Gideon the Ninth
by Tamsyn Muir

Little House in the Big Woods
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains
by Nicholas Carr

The Water Dancer
by Ta-Nehisi Coates

How to Write a Business Plan
by Mike McKeever

by Neal Stephenson

Dead Beat
by Jim Butcher

Counting on Community
by Innosanto Nagara

The Death Cure
by James Dashner

by Nnedi Okorafor

The Jesus I Never Knew
by Philip Yancey

Before the Fall
by Noah Hawley

Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

by Neal Stephenson

Plain Truth
by Jodi Picoult

The Naturalist
by Andrew Mayne

Nine Princes in Amber
by Roger Zelazny

To Kill a Mockingbird
by Harper Lee

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt
by Michael Lewis

The Hero of Ages
by Brandon Sanderson

Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony
by Hauerwas Stanley, William H. Willimon

Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don't Know
by Malcolm Gladwell

Ghost Story
by Jim Butcher

by José Saramago

by Anne McCaffrey

Bird Box
by Josh Malerman

Signs of Life: Resurrecting Hope Out of Ordinary Losses
by Stephanie Lobdell

Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Jazz Chickens
by Eddie Izzard

The Little Paris Bookshop
by Nina George

The Strain
by Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan

A Wizard of Earthsea
by Ursula K. Le Guin

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
by Newt Scamander, J.K. Rowling

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

City of Ash and Red
by Hye-Young Pyun

Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals
by Saul D. Alinsky

Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government--Saving Privacy in the Digital Age
by Steven Levy

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
by C.S. Lewis

The Slow Regard of Silent Things
by Patrick Rothfuss

The Cossacks
by Leo Tolstoy

The Midnight Library
by Matt Haig

And Then There Were None: Play
by Agatha Christie

The Making of an Ordinary Saint: My Journey from Frustration to Joy with the Spiritual Disciplines
by Nathan Foster

Parable of the Sower
by Octavia E. Butler

by Orson Scott Card

Dark Waters: A solitaire adventure for Four Against Darkness Recommended for characters of level 1 and 2
by Jeffery Baker

No Time to Spare: Thinking about What Matters
by Ursula K. Le Guin

A Case of Need
by Michael Crichton, Jeffery Hudson

How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler
by Ryan North

Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World
by Warren Carter

Cloud Atlas
by David Mitchell

The Stand
by Stephen King

The Map
by Keith M. Eigel, Karl W. Kuhnert

The Name of the Wind
by Patrick Rothfuss

by Brandon Sanderson

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs

The Wise Man's Fear
by Patrick Rothfuss

The Dispossessed
by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Handmaid's Tale
by Margaret Atwood

by Jarrod Shusterman, Neal Shusterman

Deception Point
by Dan Brown

The Acid Watcher Diet: A 28-Day Reflux Prevention and Healing Program
by Jonathan Aviv

World Without End
by Ken Follett

The X-Files: Cold Cases
by Joe Harris, Dirk Maggs (Adaptation), Chris Carter

An Acceptable Time
by Madeleine L'Engle

by Neal Stephenson

Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous with the Diet You Were Born to Eat
by Nell Stephenson

My Sister's Grave
by Robert Dugoni

Apocalypse and Allegiance: Worship, Politics, and Devotion in the Book of Revelation
by J. Nelson Kraybill

Assassin's Apprentice
by Robin Hobb

by Mark Teppo

How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need
by Bill Gates

The Fifth Season
by N.K. Jemisin

The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
by Nicole Galland, Neal Stephenson

Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases
by Ida B. Wells-Barnett

The Historian
by Elizabeth Kostova

Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season
by Urban Meyer, Wayne Coffey

Christi-Anarchy: Discovering a Radical Sprituality of Compassion
by Dave Andrews

The Raven Tower
by Ann Leckie

by Neil Gaiman

Four Against the Abyss: Volume 2
by Victor Jarmusz, Andrea Sfiligoi

Rogue Lawyer
by John Grisham

רובים, חיידקים ופלדה
by ג'ארד דיימונד, Jared Diamond

Saga, Vol. 2
by Brian K. Vaughan

The Vanishing Half
by Brit Bennett

Four Against the Netherworld: A supplement for Four Against Darkness, for character levels 6-9
by Erick N. Bouchard

New Spring
by Robert Jordan

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't
by Simon Sinek

Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
by Sheryl Sandberg

Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
by Jaron Lanier

The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West
by David McCullough

One Corpse Too Many
by Ellis Peters

A Rage in Harlem
by Chester Himes

Magpie Murders
by Anthony Horowitz

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
by Charles Duhigg

The Communist Manifesto
by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

The Beginning Place
by Ursula K. Le Guin

Mouse Guard Alphabet Book
by David Petersen

The Dispatcher
by John Scalzi

The 7th Month
by Lisa Gardner

In the Woods
by Tana French

Wizard's First Rule
by Terry Goodkind

Blood Rites
by Jim Butcher

Exploring the New Testament World: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Jesus and the First Christians
by Albert Bell

The Silence of the Lambs
by Thomas Harris

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High
by Ron McMillan, Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny

Some Remarks: Essays and Other Writing
by Neal Stephenson

by Stephen King

Heir to the Empire
by Timothy Zahn

A Wolf at the Gate
by Mark Van Steenwyk

The Mongoliad: Book One
by Greg Bear, Neal Stephenson, Erik Bear

Battle Ground
by Jim Butcher

Mouse Guard Volume 3: The Black Axe
by David Petersen

The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own
by Joshua Becker

The Pillars of the Earth
by Ken Follett

Good Omens
by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman

Don't Let Go
by Harlan Coben

Thinking, Fast and Slow
by Daniel Kahneman

The Perilous Wilds
by Jason Lutes, Keny Widjaja, Jeremy Strandberg

The Way of Kings: Book One of the Stormlight Archive
by Brandon Sanderson

Rhythm of War
by Brandon Sanderson

The Time-Block Planner: A Daily Method for Deep Work in a Distracted World
by Cal Newport

Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom
by Matt Tenney

The Naked Anabaptist: The Bare Essentials of a Radical Faith
by Stuart Murray

The B-Team
by John Scalzi

Small Favor
by Jim Butcher

The Anarcho Teachings of Yeshua
by Darryl W. Perry

The Last One
by Alexandra Oliva

Gray Mountain
by John Grisham

In a Dark, Dark Wood
by Ruth Ware

Edgedancer: From the Stormlight Archive
by Brandon Sanderson

It Can't Happen Here
by Sinclair Lewis

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life
by Mark Manson

No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need
by Naomi Klein

A Coffin for Dimitrios
by Eric Ambler

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
by Yuval Noah Harari

The Book of Five Rings
by Miyamoto Musashi

Firefly: Big Damn Hero
by James Lovegrove

Faith Unraveled: How a Girl Who Knew All the Answers Learned to Ask Questions
by Rachel Held Evans

The Lying Game
by Ruth Ware

Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration
by Bryan Caplan

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
by Malcolm Gladwell

The Well of Ascension
by Brandon Sanderson

The Rook
by Daniel O'Malley

The Toll
by Neal Shusterman

The Color of Magic
by Terry Pratchett

The Good Detective
by John McMahon

by Terry Pratchett

by Chuck Palahniuk

It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work
by Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

The Fountainhead
by Ayn Rand

by Suzanne Collins

Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community
by Andrew Marin

by Terry Pratchett

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion
by Margaret Killjoy

The Mist
by Stephen King

Selected Writings of Thomas Aquinas
by Thomas Aquinas

Four Against Darkness: A Solitaire Dungeon-delving Pen-and-paper Game
by Andrea Sfiligoi

Summer Knight
by Jim Butcher

by China Miéville

by Jim Butcher

Lord of Chaos: Book Six of 'the Wheel of Time'
by Robert Jordan

A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey Toward the Biblical Gospel of Peace
by Brian Zahnd

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World
by Cal Newport

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by J.K. Rowling

The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation
by Rod Dreher

On Bullshit
by Harry G. Frankfurt

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
by J.K. Rowling

by Neal Shusterman