When your curbside order asks for what kind of car you are:

I keep a feed of new Kickstarter projects and quick-browse them to watch for things that are a “hell yes” for me.

By my (hyperbolic) calculations, approximately 1/3 of all new kickstarter projects are new Tarot decks. I had no idea there was such a demand for this.

My in-laws said that happy golden retrievers remind them of me.

So my day is going great. How’s yours?

The person to deliver our food tonight, Sade, did a great job.

I guess you could say she was…


…a smooth operator

Frank Oz was on A Late Show and giving off so much Mennonite energy

evidence that Machine Learning can actually do something good and useful every once in a while 🎶

Honestly kinda disappointed the goodbye lies weren’t delivered from the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

I imagine them thinking “how could we make a salad more awkward than the wedge?”

There’s a part of the Mandalorian theme song where it sounds like the Mulan song that’s like “to defeat…the huns….” so you better believe I’m singing that extra hard when Mulan is in the episode. 🎶

The start of Home Alone 3 is like a Law & Order episode or a Michael Bay film.

I forgot about this 😆

How did you spend yesterday, the highest holy day of Capitalism?

Did you make an offering in worship? Multiple offerings?

How many of you were like, “well, better off Ted” when Ted Lasso’s wife appeared on the show?

I guess there aren’t many people using the trails this time of year?

Putting together my first IKEA has been made more challenging by a daddy-long-legs that keeps climbing on the project and tickling me 🕷

Autumn activated:

  • switched from cold brew to latte
  • beard is growing
  • sportcoat with elbow patches

Today, our church is having an outdoor service (distanced, masked).

Good news, though, as my SIL says: (modern) Mennonites are usually dressed like we’re about to take a hike.