🎶 my one regret so far is not seeing HolyName. Somehow missed that they were at the pond stage. #FF23

    🎶 it’s both funny and awesome to see these other #FF23 attendees be like “whoa, who are these TFU folks, they’re amazing” and also “wow the Demon Hunter guy got on the stage with Living Sacrifice” etc.

    🎶 Ryan Clark said Training for Utopia hadn’t performed together in 24 years. Now they’ve released another track and expect to do this again. #FF23

    Lineup was the same except with the addition of Don’s son on guitar.

    The “uniform” they chose was hilarious.

    My view from the stage side:

    They all wore cowboy-tassle shirts.

    🎶 Sadly, as with Underoath, I think I’m no longer the target audience for Zao. For both, the first few albums were incredible (up through Liberate te ex Inferis for Zao), but just haven’t landed for me much since. Still a fun performance, though! #FF23

    🎶 was hoping Living Sacrifice would do the 2 drummers setup again, but that’s ok. #FF23

    🎶 “Harpsichord-core” says Chris of Becoming the Archetype, as he asks Pastor Seth Hecox to play the intro to the next track. 🤭 #FF23

    🎶 I was curious because I heard shed-stage music coming from the pond-stage, but it’s apparently a lesser-known local band called FAÜLEN. Will need to check them out. #FF23

    🎶 this will be my first time seeing Becoming the Archetype in person. They will likely not being playing my favorite track O Holy Night #FF23

    After them: Living Sacrifice & Zao, who I have seen multiple times, including multiple times together.

    Then: the TFU reunion I’ve been hoping for!!!

    🎶 Mindforce very much has the “New York rap but actually it’s hardcore instead of hip hop” vibe. #FF23

    “It doesn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother you” is a pretty shitty way to look at the world, folks.

    🎶 Like @mileszs@ruby.social I like to find non-black band shirts. Kudos to With Blood Comes Cleansing for a pink one! #FF23

    A pink shirt with “metal letters”

    🎶 For some reason I can’t think of, Norma Jean are not as chaotically frenetic in their performance as they were 20 years ago 😆 #FF23

    🎶 Hopesfall demonstrating some of that “post-“ goodness, and they seem like the most (musically) sophisticated act today. #FF23

    🎶 Ok, I knew Gideon was doing this whole…shall we say…Budweiser-core aesthetic, but they really lean into it. #FF23

    🎶 ok, Candace Kucsulain (Walls of Jericho) is a beast! #FF23

    🎶 I didn’t know Vein.fm but will be checking them out. Impressive, chaotic live show. #FF23

    🎶 Just saw the Clark Brothers (see: Training For Utopia, Demon Hunter, art for many Solid State bands) and told ‘em I’m excited for tomorrow.

    Been hoping for a TFU show for ages. Always wondered if they could do a track after a DH show, but this is better! #FF23

    🎶 You can tell which is the soft stage, hard stage, and main stage, just by looking. #FF23

    (“soft” being the emo/punk bands and “hard” being the hardcore/metalcore bands)

    Stage with a water feature Stage in an industrial buildingStage with big lighting and turf

    🎶🏴 There’s a US Army recruiting booth very close to a PM Press booth at #FF23 😆

    🎶 Why did Furnace Fest 23 organizers not put these two bands back to back on the schedule? 😆 #FF23

    🎶 Furnace fest morning day 1:

    All of the hardcore kids are now hardcore adults and hardcore grandparents, naturally. 😆

    Hopefully nobody gets badly hurt this weekend. #FF23

    Look, I’m a Mennonite and had to ask what this is.

    (Apparently it’s some vinegar-and-cabbage preparation that sounds like cheater-sauerkraut. I suspect this is yet another appropriation of “Amish” and not at all authentic?)

    Pork chops with “Amish Chow Chow”

    📚 Is there something like Calibre ebooks (for ebook management) that isn’t such a hot mess?

    Do I know anybody using Tailscale to make their Plex library safely accessible?

    🎶 tempted to bring my Blood and Fire artwork to Furnace Fest for signatures, but most of those members aren’t in the band anymore. #FF23

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