🎲 Isle of Ixx: the story so far. (spoilers)

    🎲 Debating if it’s time to teach my niblings the Mouse Guard RPG or if I should go with Isle of Ixx.

    🎲 Meet Hendrik Koyama of the Norad Tribe of the Ahmarek, crafter and hexblade.

    Hendrik and his companions are about to go on their proving quest, leaving their home in the mountain slope.

    (This is a Hyperborea 3E game set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. “Hexblade” is what I’m calling warlock with witch spell list.)

    🎲 Excellent. Whitehack 4th edition is now available in notebook edition.

    This version (like my treasured 2nd edition) has pages at the back for your own content, notes, tables, etc.

    Whitehack 4th edition cover

    🎲 kinda icky move from Chaosium. Paraphrased:

    We won’t ship our 2016 kickstarter result to you unless you email us about your address in yet another system than this one. Hope you didn’t skip reading this 126th project update from a 2016 project!

    🎲 Doomsong is looking very interesting.

    It’s created by some of the folks that made the Labyrinth adventure game (minus Ben Milton of Knave/Maze Rats fame).

    It’s got some Burning Wheel vibes (in a good way).

    It looks weird, opinionated, and tightly produced.

    I’m excited to check it out.

    πŸŽ²πŸƒ Game Dev Log:

    I’ve been playing around with drafting as a way to (both):

    • determine starting hand for a game session
    • determine who plays Scion* for each suit

    ”Scion” name is not final

    Drafting with five players and four cards each.Drafting with five players and three cards each.

    πŸŽ²πŸƒ Game Dev Log

    Here are the basic elements (ha!) on a card.

    Suits, elements, attributes, psionics, alchemical symbols, terrains, and relationships between them.

    🎲 Game Dev Question:

    Do you have a recommended way to draft content for regular-sized playing cards?

    I’m prototyping on index cards, but starting to wonder about size/layout on actual card decks.

    I know I can get blank cards with dry/wet erase.

    How are you doing this digitally?

    🎲 This design diagram from Defenders of the Wild is pretty interesting.

    Read more at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/outlandish/defenders-of-the-wild/posts/3933635

    🎲 Game Dev Log:

    I’ve been off-and-on noodling on a card-based RPG for years. Some things have solidified (setting, basic concepts for each suit) but still struggling with making progress with all my ideas swirling.

    I think I’ve settled on using the phases/procedures to drive design decisions.


    Me: β€œwant to listen to our book, like an Ettin?”

    Spouse: β€œyes”

    (we both wore one earbud.)

    🎲 This joke is really inside baseball, and I feel for them, but….

    deeds point to Adobe! #ttrpg #burningwheel

    Portable Document Files&10;We said we would never do it, but when you play Burning Wheel every belief you possess may be broken. And so, inevitably, we played against our beliefs and released PDFs of Burning Wheel and the Codex. Why, you ask? It's complicated, but in short, Adobe has ruined our files and we can no longer update Burning Wheel with errata or make any changes. For reasons that are difficult to explain, this outcome broke us.&10;But while we may earn a measly persona point for mold-breaking our belief, you get digital copies of the books.

    🎲 We expected it would never happen (seriously, read the comments), but Burning Wheel is now available in digital format.

    good things:

    • we had (at least!) three green herons today
    • took a swim
    • received this awesome tome
    The Monster Overhaul: an RPG book

    🎲 had to dust off my LARP boots, for real.

    Also ended up needing to repair them with some crazy glue.

    🎲 Not sure which the niblings will want to play.

    We tried JotL at Thanksgiving but will have to relearn how.

    Isle of Ixx is an Into the Odd game that seems pretty awesome.

    πŸŽ²πŸ“š reading my new copy of Whitehack 4th edition.

    Between this and Knave 2nd edition it’s a great time to move away from D&D while keeping the best bits and losing the worst.

    (I really want a notebook version of Whitehack like a previous edition had.)

    🎲✏️ update to the previous post

    Here’s the double hex paper and D6 pencil cap.

    🎲✏️ Nicely done, Blackwing Volumes!

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