Let’s go #USWNT and #USMNT. Let’s bring home two cups, today. ⚽️ #WorldCup #GoldCup

So much ⚽️ this week, and #IXI and #USWNT and #USMNT are all on streaks. Hoping for a great game vs France, today. #WorldCup

Mood right now #USWNT #WorldCup ⚽️

Rapinoe roars

Great night of ⚽️! Indy Eleven 1-0 Atlanta United II. US Men’s National team 6-0 Trinidad & Tobago.

Zardoz level 2! 😆⚽️ #USMNT #GoldCup

⚽️ #IXI and #USMNT score in sync!!!!!

⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ to 0 is a pretty ok start to our #WorldCup campaign, I guess. #USWNT #BrokenRecords

Let’s go #USWNT, let’s go @mPinoe ⚽️

update: US defeats New Zealand 5-0

#IndyTen ⚽️

Based on recent feedback, I am starting a podcast!

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Great episode of Freakonomics Radio. Interview with Domonique Foxworth about sports, economics, labor, and more.

Introducing Blog Categories and Specific Feeds!

Good news! Per this announcement, Micro.blog now supports categories, and therefore, so does this blog.

Categories allow you to view or subscribe to a selection of blog posts related to a certain theme. My collections could evolve over time, but you can always see the live list at the top of my archive page. I created the following breakdown, which most of my posts will fit into:

  • Anabaptism - Anabatism, Mennonites, and faith from those perspectives (RSS Feed)
  • Digital Minimalism - intentionality around use of tech (RSS Feed)
  • Games - a broad category for card games, board games, role-playing games, party games, live action games, and video games (RSS Feed)
  • Humor - satire, comics, etc. (RSS feed)
  • Ideas - food for thought, strategy, politics, philosophy, theology, psychology, etc. (RSS feed)
  • Resilience - information/cybersecurity, sustainability, emotional & psychological resilience, posts from my Newsletter/Podcast (RSS feed)
  • Review - year-in-review, looks back, but also comments on books, tools, video, music, events, etc. (RSS feed)
  • Soccer - maybe I should just make this “sports”, but I really only share about Soccer (core teams: Indy Eleven, US Women’s & Mens’s national teams, Chelsea FC) (RSS feed)

Questions? Comments?

IXI vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies ⚽️