Let's Talk!

These are all topics I would like to have an in-depth conversation around, for anybody who is similarly interested:

  • Watchmen (the TV show)
  • Abolition Group Study Guide
  • Igorrr (the band)
  • Legion (the TV show) (Note: I’ve only seen season 1 so far, but still)
  • Role Playing Game theory
  • Anabaptism
  • Intellectual Property (and reforming or abolishing it)
  • Resilience (broadly-defined.) (Note: This is not intended for free cybersecurity consulting. Email me if you want to engage consulting services.)
  • Existential crises (like poorly-designed strong AI, climate catastrophe, or nuclear weapons)
  • pretty much any book I’ve mentioned on my blog

Todd Grotenhuis @toddgrotenhuis