Let’s have an Epiphany

“For, look, darkness covers the earth

and deep darkness covers the nations,

but the Lord shines on you;

his splendor appears over you.”

Isaiah 60:2


The twelve days of Christmas have concluded, and we are now in Epiphany. This is when Christians celebrate the arrival of the Magi who came to witness the newborn Jesus. In some traditions, we also celebrate his baptism, or even Jesus’s miracles and ministry.

Epiphany is a “manifestation”. As the verse above alludes to, and as Pastor Shannon says, it’s the “Light breaking in.”

In these dark times, where are you seeing the light breaking in?

A Theme for January

In Common Prayer, the suggested theme for January is “Shared Economics.” The economics of Caesar and Empire are harmful to people and the world, but the Spirit repeatedly calls people to live differently. The prophets and Jesus had a lot to say about how we handle economics, yet it’s a topic that many Christians avoid engaging deeply. In January, we are invited to investigate alternatives and to perform holy experiments.

This January, I’ll be reading and writing about one of the suggested books: God’s Economy: Redefining the Health and Wealth Gospel.

Want to join me? Let me know!

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Last week week I heard this about Andor “oh, it was interesting to finallly find out how the empire is bad” (emphasis added).

I don’t know if this is more of an indictment of:

  • our collective inability to be bothered by fascism
  • how much our movie “heroes” act like villians

⚽️ Incredible Livaković! #TeamGoalie

⚽️ the more I reflect on #USMNT vs #NED, the more I think we were outcoached more than outplayed. This bodes well (especially if we can find a strong finishing central striker) for 2026.