🎢 Since starting to track 5⭐️ albums, these are my first 9.

I promise there will be some that are other genres!

5⭐️ albums are ones you are happy to listen to straight through without ever wanting to skip a track.

Old Haste the Day, Zao, Underoath, and Opeth. Plus some Silent Planet, Conjurer, and American Arson.

⚽️ #IXI on to the #OpenCup quarterfinals!

⚽️ Detroit supporters started loud but now I only hear the Brickyard Battalion. #IXI ⚽️⚽️⚽️ - Detroit 0 at halftime. #OpenCup

⚽️ so far there might be more Detroit than #IXI fans here for this Open Cup game 😲

πŸ•ΉοΈπŸŽ² Children of Morta: The Board Game by Roomiz Games β€” Kickstarter

I’m a fan of the video game and of cooperative board games, so I’m eager to check this out.

We finished reading Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis πŸ“š

Wow it had Mormon vibes. I wonder if he ever had exposure or it was just a convergent creation.

We’re entering serious “fizzy water” season.

πŸŽ²β™ŸοΈ How are you carrying your print & play / roll & write games?

I’ve been doing the digital tablet option, but want to try the laminate & erasable or sheet protector & erasable options.

What do you recommend?

Shares welcome!

🎢 There’s ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ratings, and then there’s β€œheck yes I’m so excited this came on”, so I started making a…like…six star playlist…for whenever that happens.

Some tunes from: I Hate Models, HEALTH, Juno Reactor, Zao, and Kardashev

🎢 Discuss amongst yourselves:

  • Heavy Metal is one of the lightest genres of metal music.

πŸ€ ok I’m remembering why I stopped watching much basketball. They don’t call much of the double-dribbles, travels, or charging. Seems like you can just smash into defenders and the foul is on the defender. #teamgoalie

πŸ€ jumping on the bandwagon. Time to catch the Indiana Fever! #WNBA

πŸ–‹οΈ Got a neat email from Studio Neat today about refills for Mark One pen. Was about to write something snarky about how it needed to be a blog post, but here is the blog post!

Studio Neat notebook paper showing how different Mark One pen refill writing looks


This truck had the book MENTAL TOUGHNESSS on the dashboard and I wanted to tell the owner that the first step to mental toughness is having the self-confidence to drive a small, practical car or take transit/alternative.

(Some trucks are used for work, I do not but this one is. Also image hidden for truck so big it’s gross).

Jacked up Ford F250. It’s monstrously big and tall and glossy and doesn’t have a single bit of dirt.

peas, but you scatter some capers throughout the dish

How could I start a bounty for a plugin to add @benwerd ’s ShareOpenly to @Mtt ’s TinyTheme?

Bird Talk

Bird Talk


πŸ”Ž Can you spot two elusive green herons?

(Hint, they’re not green and are smaller (at least with their necks tucked) than other herons you are likely used to.)

We also had three great blue heron sightings, eight five-lined skink sightings, and our first common watersnake of the year.

Just shooed off a couple Canada geese Roy Kent style: