Can’t recommend Readwise highly enough. It’s easy to build a daily habit of reviewing a selection of your highlights built from books, articles, tweets, and podcasts. It’s also easy to use for looking up info, reviewing a book/document, and general knowledge management. I auto-import all the highlights into my notes database, as well.

🔒 What’s the best Product Security / App Security book these days?

While I love the old Web Application Hacker’s Handbook, I’m sure that’s not it anymore.

📑 Sunday Quote

Tough year, but #IXI is in it for 90 more minutes, at least. Plus a sweet victory against Louisville. ⚽️

I keep thinking about this post from @benwerd


Best strategy for dealing with folks in power who take any criticism as if you are the one with the thin skin?

Is there a name for the speaking pattern where a person usually ends their sentences up, like a question, despite not being questions?

(I’m also not sure if this is a pattern outside English, but that’s another question.)

🎶 Plex’s “sonically similar” feature is pretty cool. In this picture, the top row represents some “obvious” answers to KMFDM-related bands in my collection, but the bottom row shows accurate-but-not-typically-related ones.

Sunday Quote: