Todd Grotenhuis

16 Sep 2021

Happy for Carli Lloyd ⚽️ #USWNT

16 Sep 2021

🎶 Noise Unit said to be premiering new album Deviator here in a few minutes.

14 Sep 2021

Watching the “Golazo” show, and wondering if this is what NFL Red Zone is like? ⚽️🏈

14 Sep 2021

Happy Champions Leauge day! ⚽️

13 Sep 2021

Ok, is a fun experiment. You get 100 lifetime posts, but unlimited replies on posts.

12 Sep 2021

Enjoyed visiting the 100 acres with our youth group, today.

Left: Wapahani/White River

Right: The Lake (35 acres)

11 Sep 2021

In this DS9 episode: crime was done to the goblin…allegedly, anyway. (S2E12)

11 Sep 2021

Phew, we needed that! ⚽️ #IXI

11 Sep 2021

20 years ago, as we gathered in class, I expressed my fear that this would quickly become a justification to kill even more people than had already died, and that we would do to ourselves what the terrorists could not. I wish my fears had been incorrect. 🕊

11 Sep 2021

Love how Google, which knows everything about me, can’t figure out where I am (for YouTube TV access), even when I give it location access. 🤦‍♂️

10 Sep 2021

Finished reading: My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education by Jennine Capó Crucet 📚

10 Sep 2021

Use every bit

02 Sep 2021

🎲 online or in-person for games asks Jeremy.

I love the convenience of online, and the tools have become very good. It’s amazing as a GM.

As a player, I find it can be distracting, as other things are constantly trying to grab my attention. At the table, I can put my phone away. It’s a little more complicated online, but I’ve developed steps to limit distractions when playing that way.

31 Aug 2021

🔒 I got to announce that I’m expanding my team today. Feel free to refer people or apply! #ProdSec #AppSec

31 Aug 2021

🎶 you can tell this is an awesome track based on what Plex thinks is “sonically similar”

30 Aug 2021

🎶 Listening lately.

  • clipping.
  • Zao
  • Front Line Assembly
  • Circle of Dust
  • Living Sacrifice
  • Juno Reactor
  • Killswitch Engage
  • August Burns Red

29 Aug 2021
28 Aug 2021

🏕 Nice thing about hiking a trail that hasn’t been used it a bit: you get to see things fresh, and sometimes life that hasn’t scurried away.

Not-so-nice thing: you end up clearing a lot of beautiful 🕸.

27 Aug 2021

Could we agree to ditch long goofy names like “math-y progressive djent metal” and just call it “jazz metal”? 🎶

26 Aug 2021

⚽️ Feel good about this group #CFC

GROUP H: Chelsea (England), Juventus (Italy), Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia), Malmo (Sweden).

25 Aug 2021

🎲 Enjoyed a game night with some folks from church.

Totally unplanned, but also perfectly appropriate for Mennonites, we ended up mostly playing collaborative games and Dutch Blitz.

  • Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters - light game, great with kids, excellent production/pieces/art
  • Castle Panic - it’s tower defense: the board game
  • Dutch Blitz - a staple among many Mennonite families, hailing from back when regular playing cards were not permitted
  • Sushi Go! - I hadn’t played this in many years, but came back from last place 2nd round to win 3rd due to some strategic pudding reserves
  • Shipwreck Arcana - I love love love this game for the deductive gameplay, intriguing art, cooperative play, and small game size
25 Aug 2021

Sprinklers on a roundabout, running in the rain - the most Carmel thing I can think of

23 Aug 2021

See where a drop of water goes.

This is a cool way to visualize watersheds.

22 Aug 2021

9 square: 2HISS 🏐

We played 9-square-in-the-air with the church youth group, today. If you’re not familiar, it’s like four square, but ove...
22 Aug 2021

📑 Sunday Quote

This quote comes from one of my favorite podcasts, the Peter Attia Drive, a podcast focused on health science and lon...