Capital One is one of the most advanced users of the cloud, from a scaling, automation, and security perspective. Still, they had a major security issue. This is a reminder of how hard this is to get correct at scale, and how the “insider threat” continues to be a challenge. What lessons can we learn from this?

(Update: more details here and here.)


Exploitation leads, with perfect logic, to exhaustion. And our ways of land use exploit both land and people.

This, and a lot of other great wisdom, is available in this conversation with Wendell Berry.


for stress, you need to sleep an extra two-and-a-half hours to get the same benefit as just 20 minutes of walking.

Balance: What is the Goldilocks Day?

[Mindfulness,] in claiming to offer a multipurpose, multi-user remedy for all occasions, mindfulness oversimplifies the difficult business of understanding oneself. It fits oh-so-neatly into a culture of techno-fixes, easy answers and self-hacks, where we can all just tinker with the contents of our heads to solve problems, instead of probing why we’re so dissatisfied with our lives in the first place.

The Problem of Mindfulness


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