Introduction and a Question

Today’s post is a request for your input!

I am interested in starting a list of resources and discussions around books that have lessons or questions related resilience. With that in mind, what would be your preferences on the following two areas?


  • Subscribers-only (that’s you!) podcast that covers my comments on the book, with community conversation happening in the podcast post’s comments and/or via recorded responses

  • Public written post about the book, with community conversation happening in threaded comments (e.g. like Reddit)

  • Other?

Regardless of the above, I will create an index post that will collect a link to the posts for each book, so that we have a reference to be able to visit any book.


  • Would you want to suggest books ahead of time?

  • Would you want the next book to be announced ahead of time, so you could read it before the conversation? (If so, how much lead time is good: 1 month, 2, 3?)

I look forward to your thoughts!