🎵 of the Month: Flobots - NOENEMIES


Flobots have created some of my favorite “protest songs” including White Flag Warrior, Stand Up, and Handlebars. Naturally, I wanted to check out their latest offering.

Flobots is MCs Brer Rabbit and Johnny 5, along with a host of musicians & guests. I really appreciate the electric violin, which frequently shows up in various tracks. Songs tend to blend hip-hop, singalong, and political sensibilities. This album doesn’t disappoint. You’ll find yourself singing the choruses, headbanging to the raps, and probably looking up references in the lyrics.

Favorite Tracks:

  • 5: Quarantine
  • 6: American Dreams
  • 7: Rattle the Cage
  • 12: Voices of the Dead
  • 14: Related
  • 16: Sleeping Giant

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🔍 Took another kayak on the creek. Can’t get too far in either direction with the current water level, but confirmed we have tons of crawdads and mussels. Saw a cool huge turtle shell.

Also figured out the sneks (common watersnakes) like to hang out on the beech & sycamore roots.

Reflecting on this today. 🕊

📑 Sunday Quote 🕊

This game is gonna be up there with the Snow Clasico in terms of memorable and surreal #USMNT games ⚽️

Explainer: this was a CONCACAF Nations League game, where USA are defending champs. They were playing El Salvador, who had not beat the USA since 1992. It was a messy and clumsy and chaotic game due to the field being terribly muddy. El Salvador scored first and was up. USA got a bad red card. Then El Salvador got one for at attack that ended in a long muddy slip’n’slide. USA drew the game in overtime.