I hope you found the previous post about resilience during COVID-19 helpful, and I hope you are finding ways to persevere through tough times.

Today, I have some questions for you to ponder. Please consider any of them that appeal to you. If you’re willing to share, would you answer one or more in this thread? It will encourage others along the way.

Let’s reflect on our social ties: our affinities, our identities, our relationships:

  • Are there people you are missing? Are you surprised by anybody on that list? Does that cause you to re-evaluate anything?

  • Have you reconnected with anybody? Deepened connections with anybody?

  • Are you finding that you identify less with certain affiliations? For example, for a sports team or a political party? Does that surprise you? Does it free up any attention for connecting with other people or groups?

  • Are you finding some identities or affiliations strengthening? For example, your neighborhood, your family, professional organizations, or local institutions?

  • Have you used any innovative ways to connect with people? What’s worked well?

  • Have you come to appreciate anyone in any new ways?

We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts one or more of these, or suggest another question for reflection.