Landlord Tech Watch is a project to help tenants and neighborhoods protect themselves.

What is “Landlord Tech”, “Property Technology” or “PropTech”?

[proptech] applies to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, effectively merging the real estate, technology, and finance industries. By employing digital surveillance, data collection, data accumulation, artificial intelligence, dashboards, and platform real estate in tenant housing and neighborhoods, Landlord Tech increases the power of landlords while disempowering tenants and those seeking shelter.

These tools contribute to problems related to privacy, safety, gentrification, and eviction.

Landlord Tech Watch helps people provide early warning to their neighbors and facilitates information sharing, so that communities can defend themselves.

The timing here is critical, as COVID19 financial aftereffects worsen, protections fall away, and evictions ramp up.

If you are concerned about PropTech in your community, consider contributing to the Landlord Tech Watch survey.

A photo of surveilance camera installed in the public area