iSideWith Support Map

As a rather nonpartisan person and someone generally unrepresented by politicians1, one of the most interesting features of iSideWith is the feature to show a “support map”, e.g. where political stances are closest to mine.

The Map


Not pictured: Hawaii and Alaska, which were medium-to-low support.

Where are my strongest support areas (red on the map)? Let’s break down the locations, by State, and then by district, with a representative city mentioned for each district:


  • 2: Petaluma
  • 12: San Francisco
  • 13: Oakland
  • 14: Daly City
  • 18: Mountain View
  • 28: Los Angeles
  • 30: Los Angeles
  • 33: Los Angeles
  • 27: Los Angeles

District of Columbia

  • The whole thing2


  • 1: Savannah


  • 1: Chicago
  • 7: Chicago
  • 9: Chicago


  • 2: Worcester
  • 3: Lowell
  • 5: Cambridge
  • 6: Lynn


  • 12: Ann Arbor


  • 5: Minneapolis

New York

  • 7: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn
  • 9: Brooklyn
  • 12: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn


  • 3: Portland


  • 2: Bellingham
  • 7: Seattle


  • 2: Madison


I’ve looked for some patterns, of course. Many of them are cosmopolitan places (or at least one of the most cosmopolitan places in their state). Many of them have college towns. Many of them are tech forward. But none of these factors is universally true across them. What do you notice?

What does yours look like?

Show us your map?

  1. according to iSideWith, I agree with one of the major USA parties only 55%, and the other 18% [return]
  2. technically not a state yet, but they do have one at large district with limited representation [return]

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