2020: Comic Review

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I’m not someone who typically reads many comics. But this year, a couple things had me reading more.

After having had Saga recommended multiple times, I started the series, and enjoyed the first couple volumes.

Second, after learning about the “complete marvel reading order” from a friend, I signed up for Marvel Unlimited and setup a “just the essentials” comic box on CMRO and started going through the key classics. I saw the introduction of the Fantastic Four, Ant Man, The Hulk, Thor, Spider Man, and some others. My favorite of the early comics ended up being the Tales to Astonish series, which often included an Ant Man short comic, a couple other short comics, and a two page story. I also read the Alien 3 comic adaption.

Overall, I read 25 comics this year.

What comics did you read this year? Any recommendations?

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