Pen Pals

At the end of 2020, I started exchanging correspondences with people. It was a delight…at first.

It’s fun to put real pen to real paper. It’s fun to give and receive. It’s fun to find something in the mail.

I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of writing back, over time. As I contemplated this, I realized that I felt mounting expectations from longer correspondences, and the idea of having to cover things just so or in a specific way. So here’s the rule I’m using to get me back into it:

  • Postcard only

I’ve got plain craft postcards that will be my default, though I have some other postcards I could use, too. This constraint will help with my creativity and responsiveness. I may open back up to longer letters as I’m back in the flow, but this is how I’m getting back to it, for now.

So, if you’re one of those folks waiting to hear back, it will hopefully not be much longer! I plan to finish any open threads this Sunday.

If you want to become pen pals, send me an email first and we’ll work it out.


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