Really good article about Bernie Sanders, and more generally, voting: Don’t Change the Players, Change the Game.

This is why I want you to read Changing Lenses by Zehr:

“The simple fact of the matter is the criminal justice system is meant to punish, not protect. I don’t care about seeing him punished - I would rather he get better. And they’ve done nothing to protect me - it’s only made things worse and become another weapon in his arsenal, and the arsenal of the people out there way scarier than him."

Remember the toy company (VTech) that was hacked? They now have Terms of Service that says they aren’t responsible for hacks. People are rightly outraged that this would fly, but this is nothing new for ToS and EULA, unfortunately. It is commonplace for companies to claim no responsibility. (Whether those terms hold up in court or not is another question, and part of the problem.)

Read these concerns about the future of Consumer Reports. I wonder how much our current content/marketing setup is a driver for this?

French supermarkets are now going to be required to donate (and not spoil) their unsold food. I’m not sure the situation in France, but in the USA, this would be an example of the government “saving” us from problems the government created in the first place. Stores are required to remove still-edible food (example), so naturally hungry and/or frugal people try scavenge it. Furthermore, stores are sometimes held liable if scavengers are harmed while acquiring that food. So, stores increasingly decide to protect themselves from problems that were thrust on them.

twtxt is another decentralized microblogging option.

Richard Beck has started a new series on “The Power of the Powerless”, dealing once again with institutional power.

Micah Redding suggests we consider “Minimum Viable Theology” and makes his case.