I need a hazardous hexmap for a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy-meets-dark-fantasy game I’m developing to play with some friends. I think things like this always end up more interesting when the input of multiple people creates emergent complexity. That’s where you come in!

map v5

(I’ll make a cleaner version with canonical symbols, once we complete the exercise.)


  1. Reply: you can send a webmention as a reply to this post, reply on micro.blog (see link below), or reply by email (see link below).
  2. Place an element: pick from the menu below (a terrain selection or a point of interest), and give me coordinates for it. I’ll place it if it doesn’t invalidate one I already placed, and then update the map.
  3. Two then you: you only get to take another turn if two other changes have happened since the one you requested.


  1. Terrain (color): Choose 3 hexes of one terrain type and 1 hex of another terrain type. They must be contiguous (connected) with one another. Assume hexes are 25 miles-ish. I’ll need coordinates for all 4. Note: All hexes will eventually get a terrain.
    1. Swamp (green): soggy areas filled with things that lurk, where people scrap together whatever safety they can, often on stilts or in the trees
    2. Wasteland (purple): radiation, toxic spills, infestation, or other terrible things make this land inhospitable to all but the most resilient of beings
    3. Desert (orange): whether sand, rock, glass, or worse, people here are often nomadic, seeking out scarce resources wherever they can find them
    4. Mountain (black): steep, formidable, and buffeted by strong winds, people usually live and move inside, rather than trying to cross them
    5. Archipelago (teal): the waters are filled with small islands, harsh storms, and predators, and people make their way around in small craft and flotillas
  2. Point of interest (letter). Only one of these may exist on a hex. You can place them regardless of if the terrain is chosen already, or not.
    1. Skyship (S): It looms overhead, slowly making its way across the landscape. Restriction: only one on the map. If it is already placed, you may choose this again to move it one hex in any direction.
    2. Metropolis (M): What could even sustain a population in these horrid lands? Something has, because many are here. Restriction: only one per terrain type.
    3. Gathering (G): There are people here, though in smaller quantity. Maybe permanently as a settlement, maybe temporarily or nomadically.
    4. Conflict (C): Nobody wants to be here, not even those involved.
    5. Ruin (R): Wonders from a previous era, for those brave or foolish enough to investigate.
    6. Phenomenon (P): This strange thing shouldn’t exist, and yet reports say it does.