Todd Grotenhuis

Dec 2022

⚽️ Croatia vs. Morocco

sorta live-blogged

  • ⚽️ Great setpiece from Croatia. Breaks through the Morocco defense that had been so strong in most of the tournament
  • ⚽️ …and Morocco equalizes on the very next play
  • Much more attacking chaos that we saw from both of these teams in their earlier stalwart defeneses
  • ⚽️ Persistence for Croatia pulls off
  • Announcers said 3rd place games tend to be high-scoring, and depsite the defensive skill of these teams that prediction is coming true
  • Croatia has practiced a number of interesting setpieces
  • Feeling bad for Morocco on these injuries and subs
  • Couple tough calls there from the refs, and probably should have been a PK for Croatia and yellow (but not PK, outside the box) at the other end
  • Congratulations to Croatia
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