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Though it may sound hokey, my biggest inspiration is the teachings of Jesus in the synoptic gospels and the response of the church in Acts. The anabaptist tradition (my particular tradition) has a strain of anarchist-related thinking, and many works from the Anabaptist traditions will indirectly or directly reference anarchist ways of being.

Thus, I have explored many Christian Anarchist (or at least adjacent) books. This is a (partial) selection from our home library:

Admittedly some of the directly-anarchist works are worse at making the case than non-explicitly anarchist ones. (note: a warning/disclaimer about John Howard Yoder).

I also have a lifetime membership at PM Press, which publishes many anarchist works. Similar publishers include Verso Books and AK Press. In addition, the Center for a Stateless Society traditionally published many thoughtful essays and books (like Markets Not Capitalism), though I have not read much there in recent years.

I highly recommend reading Ursula K. LeGuin and David Graeber.

My Perspective

The “🏴” section of this “about me” post is a very short summary of how I think about anarchism.

To me, it’s less something to be immediately (or ever?) achieved, and more of a direction or vision. Like the Kingdom of God, it’s both already among us and not yet complete. When you help your neighbor instead of reporting them to the HOA or city government, anarchy is among you. When you work through conflict without resorting to coercion or violence, anarchy is among you. When you practice mutual support, anarchy is among you.