I usually use last.fm to look at my top artists by number of plays. Today, I decided to look at who have the most ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ tracks in my library. It came out like this:

  1. Circle of Dust
  2. Between the Buried and Me
  3. August Burns Red
  4. Black Sun Empire
  5. Clubroot
  6. Underoath
  7. Living Sacrifice
  8. Kardashev
  9. Opeth
  10. Brainchild (tie)
  11. Front Line Assembly (tie)

A couple of these are in my all-time top-listened artists (August Burns Red, Front Line Assembly) but many of them aren’t. Some of that is because my top-listened artists have great albums that get a lot of plays. Others (like BtBaM and Opeth) might not be at the top because their songs are so long and account for fewer plays per time listened. Others (Kardashev) are newer to me.

Also, as usual, Rhys Fulber and Klayton would rocket off the top of charts if each stuck to one project name. Klayton (already at #1, #10, and remixer of some of #7) would be even higher if I threw in Argyle Park, AP2, Celldweller, and early work with Klank. Rhys Fulber (#11) would be in second place if we included self-titled work, Fear Factory mixes & remixes, and Noise Unit.

I think I’ll revisit this view again after I get more tracks in my library rated.

Who hold the most 5-star tracks in your library?