🎲 so Jacob Hurst (with Ben Milton being silent) has a pretty crappy attitude for backers of Knave 2nd Edition who are unhappy to find it getting sold at #GaryCon before backers get a copy. (Even those of us who are here and ordered the deluxe edition.) #ttrpg

The printer was able to air freight two boxes (~60 copies) of the premium cover version of Knave to us on Tuesday of this week so that have some available at Gary Con. We weren't sure up until the last minute if that was going to be possible, but it all came together. If you see a copy of Knave pop up on social media somewhere, that's where it came from. No books are available for general sale, and won't be, until after the Kickstarter begins fulfilling. Jacob&10;Hurst Collaborator&10;2 days ago&10;Spencer: I'm a book publisher. I'm here to sell books. That's what l'm going to do. Also, as a creator myself, I think it's important for a creator to be able to have copies of&10;their book available at a convention&10;they're physically attending whenever possible. If I can make that happen, I'm going to do so.