Todd Grotenhuis


  • Readwise helps you make the most of your reading. (how I use it: Being Wise with Readwise)
    • Offering a month free
  • Bookshop is my favorite place to buy books. I get a portion of the proceeds and will put those back into buying more books and sharing more notes.
  • is a collection of web services at a great price. Pages, email, weblog, mastodon, much more, and the list keeps growing.
  • Athletic Greens are a once-a-day veggie health supplement that people rave about
    • You get a bonus year of D3+K2 as well as 5 travel packs with your subscription
  • ⚽️ Indy Eleven discounted tickets
  • Studio Neat makes delightful pens (e.g. Mark One and Two), notebooks, and desk accessories
    • Offering a $10 discount