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🕊🏴 Just found out David Graeber’s dad (Kenneth) was from Kansas and now I’m wondering if there were Mennonites on that side of the family.

🕊🎶 Apparently some people are losing it over how Silent Planet’s Iridescent album has an expletive in one (incredible) song…

Who wants to tell them about how John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul all use righteous expletives, too?

🕊 New co-pastor day! She’s got 🏴 leanings and I didn’t even have anything to do with it.

Got my spouse breakfast this morning because the whole team deserves something special, too.

If you claim to be a “conscientious objector” to vaccination, what alternative service are you performing to alleviate or end the pandemic?

🕊🏴Today’s guest preacher is J. Nelson Kraybill, author of one of my favorite accidentally-anarchist books, and a rare non-cringe-y take on Revelation: 📚Apocalypse and Allegiance

We were just discussing this topic with some friends last night!

20 years ago, as we gathered in class, I expressed my fear that this would quickly become a justification to kill even more people than had already died, and that we would do to ourselves what the terrorists could not. I wish my fears had been incorrect. 🕊