🐾 Time for the dog show. Something I both love (yay doggos!) and hate (boo for those overbred to be unhealthy).

    Siku would very much like some goose eggs πŸΎπŸ”Ž

    Our 🐾 really get it.

    🐾 Took they huskypup on a snowy walk today. Magical.

    🐾 We love puppysongs in this house, but with these last two it should have been β€œbarky pupperino” βœ… and β€œborky floof” ❎.


    In this morning’s Songs with Doggies segment, we incorporate Siku and Gidget into “Wherever I May Roam” with extra Hetfield-esque declarations of “Yeah” and “No.” Yeah-eh-yeah-eeeeh!

    The husky is strong with this one: laying down nonchalantly in a pile of snow in -5 F

    🐾 Siku is amazing and cute in the snow.