Todd Grotenhuis

20 Jan 2023
20 Jan 2023

🔎 I call this “creepwalkin’”

Sorry for the bad angle, but I didn’t want to lose the shot. #GreatBlueHeron

19 Jan 2023

🕊 Mennonite Central Committee and Mennonite Church USA are hosting a series of webinars: Beyond Incarceration.

Over the last forty years, the era of mass incarceration has seen a rise in the U.S. prison population by five hundred percent.

16 Jan 2023

🔎 I like the interaction of the rain and ice and waves

15 Jan 2023

Finished reading: A Man Called Ove: A Novel by Fredrik Backman 📚

A rare Five ⭐️ Read.

15 Jan 2023

Secret Rule Parlor Games:

  • Black Magic
  • Green Glass Door / Moon Pennies
  • Bang Bang, Who’s Dead? / Whose Triangle Is It?
  • Grandma Doesn’t Like Tea
  • How Many Watermelons?
  • Tommy Tommy
  • The Moon is Round

Know of others? Tell me about them! (or better, let’s play them!)

15 Jan 2023

📑 Sunday Quote

“We describe hospitality as “making room,” and we tend to think of this as making room in physical space—making room at our table or making a bed available in our home. The practice of stopping is a different sort of making room. Interruptibility is a practice of making room in time, finding space for others in the midst of our busy day. That’s the inhospitality of hurry; there’s no room for you in my schedule.”

14 Jan 2023

🃏 Taught the Woogits (our friends’ kids) Hand & Foot. Good times!

14 Jan 2023

So I think I have my activitypub/Mastodon setup complete:

  • Follow people from
  • Follow specific hashtags from mastodon

This let’s me keep my normal feed high signal-to-noise and then let’s me dip into regular mastodon during live sports events, etc.

14 Jan 2023

🔎 turtle log has temporarily become muskrat log

12 Jan 2023

🔒 A Mental Model for Cybersecurity Operating Modes

A person in risk & security can generally be thought of as acting like one of the following: Engineer Analyst Influ...
12 Jan 2023

I jokingly called yuccas “asparagus plants” for the last few years, due to how they look before blooming.

This morning my spouse informed me they actually are part of the asparagus family!

09 Jan 2023

Currently working through: (My) Principles by Ray Dalio (and me) 📚

09 Jan 2023

📺 Van der Valk (2020 version) is pretty poor and has a lot of not-intelligent-pretending-to-be-intelligent things going on.

…but still finished season 2 because I like seeing all the Dutch stuff.

06 Jan 2023

🕊 Happy to be a sermon midwife.

04 Jan 2023

“It’s not a real session until you’ve put your hands on the floor”

  • my trainer 💪
03 Jan 2023

Finished (re-)reading: Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb 📚

03 Jan 2023

🎲 today in crowdfunding deliveries:

02 Jan 2023

🎲 The Monster Overhaul is shaping up to be the coolest game book since Trilemma Adventures Compendium 1.

01 Jan 2023

Currently reading: Home-Scale Forest Garden by Dani Baker 📚

01 Jan 2023
31 Dec 2022

🕊️ I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s only the 7th day of Christmas and you don’t have to feel rushed to put away your decorations, yet.

27 Dec 2022

🎶 It’s not the end of the year, but we’re getting close. Here’s about where it will land. (Much more to come in end-of-year music post.)

26 Dec 2022

🪵 Processed a fallen tree. Logs are added to the piles.

Thankful for family who helped me (on Christmas, no less!) move it off of the pond-bank tree it had landed against.

26 Dec 2022

Is the clutter indicative of hoarding? Here’s a helpful resource.