It’s happening!

Currently reading: Termination Shock by Neal Stephenson 📚

🕊🎶 Apparently some people are losing it over how Silent Planet’s Iridescent album has an expletive in one (incredible) song…

Who wants to tell them about how John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul all use righteous expletives, too?

🎶 Still thinking about the Mark Solomon interview on the Labeled podcast, and how he seemed to be dismissive of his side project work…and I’m like:

Argyle Park is probably the best music you’ve made and one of the greatest and most underrated albums of all time

📑 Sunday Quote (and reminder for myself)

Looking for some inspiration from our #NED microbloggers to help us with cool names. Though the house is a tall A-frame, we don’t just want to call it Te Grotenhuis 😆. Our interim name is Kingfisher Kreek. There is a kreek, ~3 acres of vijver, ~15 acres of houtsoorten. We see a lot of:

  • ijsvogel
  • schildpad
  • hert
  • reiger

We also want it to be a place many people can visit and find solace. We’ve toyed with English words like “sanctuary” or “haven.”

You can see where anime comes from, once you’ve seen red pandas.

Dos a cero! ⚽️ #USMNT

Pulisic!!!!! #USMNT #CFC ⚽️

Two things:

1) brilliant cover

2) it’s a huge book (475 pages!)