So, tell me what’s going on with this bird box over here.

So, I’m concerned that the house wren is trying to kick out the warbler.

The warbler just came back.

I’m hoping that it’s going to try hard to keep the house.

And earlier I saw a Phoebe swoop at the house wren when it was at the house.

So, I’m hoping.

It seems like it’s team warbler too.

Team warbler.

Now, what is this warbler?

What is the warbler’s full name?

I cannot say it.




It should be prothonotary, but it’s prothonotary.

Okay, so to recap.

Team warbler.

Team warbler is the pea warbler.


And the Phoebe.


And then what kind of wren is on team wren?

House wren.

Wren fight.