This essay from LeGuin helps explain why her writing is so great: The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

    Update: She has passed

Waging Nonviolence interviews the executive director of Life After Hate and and they discuss how we help people leave violent organizations.

“I’m simply tired and bored by a progressive Christianity that doesn’t believe in anything, at least anything beyond Jesus being a model exemplar of liberal humanism.” From Experimental Theology

A good breakdown of USA immigration issues.

Experimental Theology looks at idolatry in the workplace.

Quality essay on Toxic Tech Culture.

Cory Doctorow says there’s more to the long game in the attention wars.

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“The #Resistance Just Gave Darth Vader’s NSA Broad Spy Powers” Less sarcastic article here.

Solid Last Jedi thinkpiece roundup: 

Not the Droid You’re Looking For: Subtler Political Points from The Last Jedi from C4SS

Why so many men hate The Last Jedi but can’t agree on why from Bitter Gertrude

Lure of Myth from Slate

From the makers of Juicero, we now have “raw water”. Yes, people are charging exorbitant amounts for dangerous water

Shellfish, which generally stay in the same area, are good subjects for observing the effects of our waste entering the ocean.