I’ve added and culled a lot of podcasts over the last few years. Here are top ones on my list, and why I listen to them.

  • Akimbo: I have no interest in marketing, but I do have interest in the way Seth Godin explores big ideas.
  • Code Switch: If you don’t know what code switching is, you definitely need to listen to this. If you do, you will likely enjoy the variety of topics and perspectives and the charming hosts.
  • Freakonomics Radio: granted, some of this is “pop econ”, but it’s entertaining and frequently has good investigative research or covers big ideas.
  • It’s Going Down: the guests frequently outshine the host, but this anarchist podcast is a good source of news from the perspective of the marginalized & oppressed and is sure to expand your perspective.
  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish: an extension of the Farnam Street learning website, this podcast is interviews with “big thinkers”. The interviews often wander, but there are almost always important takeaways or food for thought.
  • Note to Self: a philosophical take on technology trends.
  • Radiolab: entertaining and sometimes enlightening.
  • The Rebel Beat: this podcast covers music and radical politics together, showcasing new and old music and interviewing artists of varying genres.
  • Risky Business: information security current events coverage, with excellent analysis. Easy to skip the sponsor interviews, but even those are well done.
  • Scene on Radio: I started this podcast with their excellent series “Seeing White”, and they continue to deliver with “Men”. As you add this one, make sure you have your app setup to listen to a season in order.
  • Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!: a humorous weekly news quiz that you probably already know about.

I recommend Overcast for listening to podcasts, and am a happy subscriber.

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