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When it comes to screens, I prefer to do something that requires engagement from me. Thus, when I’m in front of a screen for enjoyment, I’m often reading or playing. When I’m watching, I prefer something humorous, challenging, or both. I generally don’t like passive entertainment.

With the diffusion of shows and movies across streaming services (and Netflix & Apple TV not playing nice together), I started using JustWatch to track “to watch” lists. JustWatch let’s me have a single watch list, and go to wherever I can stream (or rent or buy) the show or movie.

This year, I continued my quixotic quest to “watch all the sketch comedy”. Here are some of the new (to me) ones I that I recommend:

We like to watch “funny news” at our house. My favorites are:

At our house, we also enjoy some murder mysteries and “police procedurals”. Here are the couple that stood out for me this year:

Here are other shows that I recommend:

The Big Screen: I didn’t watch a lot of movies this year (who did?), but here are the two that stuck with me:

What did you watch this year? Any recommendations?