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In addition to traditional newspapers & news magazines (see that list here) I get some of my news via feed or newsletter. I send both to Inoreader.

If you’re not familiar with feeds & feed readers, the basic idea is that instead of having to go and check a bunch of sites periodically for updates, you can list the ones that you like, and have those items come to you. Feed readers often add other functionality, too. For Inoreader, I like the ability to take in normal (RSS) feeds as well as newsletters and Twitter accounts. It also has filtering rules, so I can use criteria to hide or highlight certain items.

The net result is I don’t have to wait for those things to hit my inbox nor do I feel the urge to obsessively check sites & social media. I can just periodically open up Inoreader and check them on my schedule instead of having the schedule dictated to me.

I check my feeds about once a day, see which items are worth my attention, and either read them directly if short, or export them to Pocket if they are longer or worthy of highlights. My highlights go to Readwise, where I keep all my reading notes for review.

Security & Technology

News & Reporting

Essays & Longreads

People & Opinion

Faith & Health



This examen helped me clear up my feeds list by removing a lot of inactive or broken feeds, and also removing ones that I don’t read very often. It also made clear that I need to diversify my authors list.

What are you reading? Who and what can you recommend?