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This is great advice for many behavior changes, not just procrastination. (Make the healthy food visible, put away distractions, place practice music sheets out, etc.)

Here’s where I’d take a little issue, however:

Environment and habit change is how we change ourselves.

Willpower is limited, situational, and varying. The way we make lasting change is to exercise willpower when it is strong in order to set ourselves up for success when our willpower is diminished.

When we do that, we keep taking actions we planned to take, building up habits and reinforcing our sense of identity as someone who is the kind of person we’d hoped to be. This is how change endures.

It’s there something you can change in your environment this week?


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🔍 Took another kayak on the creek. Can’t get too far in either direction with the current water level, but confirmed we have tons of crawdads and mussels. Saw a cool huge turtle shell.

Also figured out the sneks (common watersnakes) like to hang out on the beech & sycamore roots.

Reflecting on this today. 🕊

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This game is gonna be up there with the Snow Clasico in terms of memorable and surreal #USMNT games ⚽️

Explainer: this was a CONCACAF Nations League game, where USA are defending champs. They were playing El Salvador, who had not beat the USA since 1992. It was a messy and clumsy and chaotic game due to the field being terribly muddy. El Salvador scored first and was up. USA got a bad red card. Then El Salvador got one for at attack that ended in a long muddy slip’n’slide. USA drew the game in overtime.