An Aside

🎲 Enjoyed a game night with some folks from church.

Totally unplanned, but also perfectly appropriate for Mennonites, we ended up mostly playing collaborative games and Dutch Blitz.

  • Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters - light game, great with kids, excellent production/pieces/art
  • Castle Panic - it’s tower defense: the board game
  • Dutch Blitz - a staple among many Mennonite families, hailing from back when regular playing cards were not permitted
  • Sushi Go! - I hadn’t played this in many years, but came back from last place 2nd round to win 3rd due to some strategic pudding reserves
  • Shipwreck Arcana - I love love love this game for the deductive gameplay, intriguing art, cooperative play, and small game size

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Sunday Quote 📑

🕊 I’m “Designated Preacher” this morning (meaning, I am reading the pastor’s teaching in their absence).

“Join us” online 9:30 eastern for Jesus Geography: Caesarea Philippi.

🎶 let’s talk about Liminal Rite

(Another quick audio commentary by yours truly)

🛶 Kayaked hard upriver until I was tired, then took it so easy on the way back that the damselflies and dragonflies landed on me like I was part of the landscape.

Glad we decided to call it simply “Heron Haven”, because even though we’ve had tons of Great Blue Heron activity, we’re now seeing the smaller Green Heron quite a bit, too 🔎