An Aside

🎲 Enjoyed a game night with some folks from church.

Totally unplanned, but also perfectly appropriate for Mennonites, we ended up mostly playing collaborative games and Dutch Blitz.

  • Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters - light game, great with kids, excellent production/pieces/art
  • Castle Panic - it’s tower defense: the board game
  • Dutch Blitz - a staple among many Mennonite families, hailing from back when regular playing cards were not permitted
  • Sushi Go! - I hadn’t played this in many years, but came back from last place 2nd round to win 3rd due to some strategic pudding reserves
  • Shipwreck Arcana - I love love love this game for the deductive gameplay, intriguing art, cooperative play, and small game size

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Latest Asides

Didn’t close my rings yesterday (boo sickness), so back to building my streak. 💪

Last week week I heard this about Andor “oh, it was interesting to finallly find out how the empire is bad” (emphasis added).

I don’t know if this is more of an indictment of:

  • our collective inability to be bothered by fascism
  • how much our movie “heroes” act like villians

⚽️ Incredible Livaković! #TeamGoalie

⚽️ the more I reflect on #USMNT vs #NED, the more I think we were outcoached more than outplayed. This bodes well (especially if we can find a strong finishing central striker) for 2026.