An Aside

My mom: what’s your opinion about the Alaska pipeline?

Me: I think you should ask the people who live there

Mom: but what is your opinion?

Me: that is my opinion, that you should ask the people affected by it

Her: but the people affected by things rarely get asked

Me: exactly

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Latest Asides

🕹 A few more Elder Scrolls IV observations:

  • I’d forgotten how much they dumbed down things from 3 to 4 and again 4 to 5
  • My fave thing to do is alchemy, and I announce to my spouse all the plants I’m picking and she likes to tell me if they are real plants and if the game ones actually look correct
  • The worst thing about Oblivion is having to scroll to an odd UI location and back every time you open a container…over and over….

Playing Elder Scrolls IV again and now I am running into all these characters that sound like Inspector Gamache. 🕹

No you’re playing an old Elder Scrolls game on a fancy new device. 🕹

🎨🎲 I really want to subscribe to midjourney to work on my game and adventure design, but discord is such a bad medium in which to use such a tool.

📚 We’re reading Atomic Habits in book club, so I pulled the free bonus resources together in my notes.