Todd Grotenhuis

Mar 2023

πŸ“šπŸ“‘ Another goodie from Death to Deconstruction.

"The story of Jesus speaks to me because, in one scene, Jesus is lovingly blessing little kids, and in another, he’s calling religious leaders a bunch of snakes. Jesus’s paradigm for God is of a gracious, loving Father who kisses the faces of his sinful, rebellious children, but the seriousness with which he regards evil is so intense that he says it’s better to gouge your own eye out than to objectify women. One thing makes me gush. The other makes me nervous. I’m suspicious of voices that only tell me what I want to hear. 
&10;Were it me, I might emphasize one thing, but not the other. I’d conceive of a God who is either never angry or never not angry. A soft, enabling God who doesn’t care enough to stop me from destroying myself, or a God so appalled at my relentless failure that he can’t bear to look at me without retching. But in Jesus, our soul-longings to be known and loved, for an end to evil and injustice are realized in the unfathomable beauty of truly self-sacrificial love." (Joshua S. Porter, Death to Deconstruction)

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