Day 2 of reflecting on this saga, and I’m thinking a lot about trust.

  • I lost trust that the positive recommendations were being acted on. Why? I saw no evidence of improvement in the situation, and no evidence of accountability for changes.
  • They didn’t trust me enough to talk about what they were or weren’t trying from the recommendations lists (if anything), or how it was going (which would have prevented me from losing trust).
  • They didn’t trust that I was acting with good intent. Why? I don’t know for sure, but I think because I got more frustrated the longer that improvements didn’t happen, and they took that to mean I actually always wanted a different course of action.
  • Yet, they do seem to trust (or at least allow-to-continue, to my first point) some folks who frequently feed cover-ups, FUD, and mischaracterizations to them.

So now I’m thinking more about: “how much of this is their judgment?" and “how much of this is my approach?"

That’s a hard thing to suss out, but if you have methods you’ve used to evaluate those sorts of things, I’d be glad to hear them.