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Still think I’ll get a Steam Deck and Play.Date before I can find a PS5

🎲 Took a break from GMing our long-running Burning Wheel setting, and we’re doing a little #DND5E

I’m playing a hobbitses merchant who accidentally made a deal with a fey. (Warlock) Gonna be pretty fun.

We had a going away party for the MYF (Mennonite Youth Fellowship, our high school youth group) seniors that were off to college. Good to celebrate and reminisce, and I got schooled at spikeball.

🎲 Paper App Dungeon is too easy to grind. You can just keep carefully moving and backtracking to avoid the bad stuff and hit the good stuff.

Suggestion: -1 HP anytime you cross over a path you’ve already trod, as your character experiences exhaustion.

What rules have you changed?

Beautiful Trouble updated their toolkit.

With the new toolkit you can slice and dice depending on what you are considering, and also create pdfs from your favorites.

This is a nice online companion to the deck of cards.

🎲 Great writeup of my favorite game system(s): Burning Wheel 🔥☸️


  • pioneer in transparency, character goals, “say yes”, “let it ride”, and “use-based improvement”
  • emergent story, character, & setting complexity
  • unique, character-driven play
  • minigames
  • rewards mastery

2020: 🃏, 🎲, & 🕹 Review

To view other 2020 review posts, visit the main post here. As you may already know, I enjoy games. Especially ones with a social element, or where we get to create some sort of emergent story together. In the year of the pandemic, a lot of traditional card and board games were harder to play (unless you took them digital or used tabletop simulation software). Pandemic Gaming For a handful of pandemic get-togethers, we played some Jackbox Party Pack games over Discord.

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Playing Elder Scrolls Online with my niece and nephew. I'm stopping along the way all the time to grab the crafting supplies we come across so I can make stuff.
"You're becoming grandma” my niece says.

Jackbox party via Discord etc.

We had a fun time trying this last night. Pro-tip for services where screen share doesn’t share audio: pipe the game output to your machine speakers (to be picked up by the mic) and the voice output to your headset.