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🎲 Let's Make a Hexmap!

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🎲 an RPG where you used old baseball card stats as the randomizer


🎲 Quick experiment creating a dungeon map using a grid background and photo foreground.

(This one had been a 📸 of a 🐰)


🕹 Elder Scrolls IV (Oblivion) leveling adaption:

Want to focus on your preferred playstyle and not be penalized for not micromanaging skill-ups to get three +5s each level?

When you level, count how many points you are missing from a +15 total. Go to the console and put in the following commmand:

  • modpca $YourLowestAttribute $ThatNumber

This keeps you at +15 attributes each level and has the level-balancing system keep in a reasonable range.


Ladderball: The Long Game

  • Score and play your first game normally
  • The losing side starts their next game at a cumulative +1 starting points and gets to choose the starting distance and handedness (normal or offhand) of the next game
  • The side that gets the other side to 21 starting points wins the long game

🎲 Druid for an upcoming DND game: Erion

(Note: I had some really wild stat rolls.)


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