When I put my sun shirt on to go play outside, my spouse calls me “her Aiel” 😆☀️🍃

Industrial didn’t make my top 5 music styles last week. What? 🎶 #MetalMennonite

  1. Metalcore
  2. Metal
  3. Rock
  4. New Age
  5. Progressive Metal

Just now realizing that Orangina is basically a non-alcoholic mimosa. 🍊🍾

Ways I compliment my wife, part 24533:

“thanks for not being an ‘Instagram person’”

We’re finally getting our cicada party going 🎉📢

Enjoying the fireflies as I take the dogs out, tonight.

Wearing my 2nd favorite #USMNT ⚽️ jersey to work today.

What a game! ⚽️ I think I need a Horvath jersey.

Let’s go #USMNT. Let’s have a dos a cero ⚽️

I’m surprised that the chair arm was held together by just one screw/bolt…which has snapped. #HermanMiller

Hope product support is good!

I seem unable to find a tall enough reading chair that doesn’t push my shoulders forward. Even in the large Stressless chairs the head comes forward just a little too quickly. Other Talls have any leads?

Another good reflection from Experimental Theology:

“Evangelicals, listen to that, read the Bible: Jesus flatly turns the devil down. And I think Jesus does so for many of the reasons we see in 1 and 2 Samuel. The reign of God just can’t be established via a nation state.”

Chelsea! Chelsea! Chelsea! #CFC ⚽️

…and congrats to Pulisic, first USAmerican male (10th overall) to get to a Champions League Final. #USMNT

⚽️ #IXI vs Sporting KC II

Hoping for some 🍻victory (not vengeance 🎶)

Sometimes you need multiple copies/versions of something. #MetalMennonite 🎶

Made stewed rhubarb (with allulose) from my dad’s heirloom plant, today.

First time even cooking rhubarb. Came out slimy-but-good. 👨‍🍳