Just found out that some dear friends are moving back to our state for 11 months!

Have you implemented kanban in Basecamp or

Please share about your approach and experience!

Had my traditional Easter shave this morning. I am now 15 years younger!

“Hang him! Hang him!” the mob demanded.

A violent insurrectionist was to be freed to the mob. But this nonviolent revolutionary from Nazareth would hang. For he represented the greater threat to their structures, their systems, their privilege, their way of life.

Another personal milestone today.

Right now I aim for several 16+ hr TRFs (time-restricted feeding windows) a week and no day less than 14hr, to help my gut health and insulin resistance.

Working more towards occasional long fasts and not just TRF.

400 days!

I’m still only #54 on the leaderboard, but determined to get to the top.

Reminder, you can’t do these together:

  • Stand for the flag
  • Kneel for the cross

Matt 6:24

Testing out my new tent…in our library.

It’s been too busy to get setup for real camping this weekend. But I’ll take this as a start. ⛺️

Listening to my “unloved” playlist, which is a shuffle of all the loved songs I haven’t listened to in the last quarter. Had a couple different Mario Savio-quoting tracks in less than 15 minutes.

I still need to create a playlist of songs feat. that speech. 🎶

Send suggestions!

Somebody’s ears must have been ringing after all this nvUltra discussion on Just got a dev update in the email!


melt swords of steel

and hearts made of stone

set pris’ners free

give strangers a home

note: from Voices Together. Get a copy here.

TIL that Google+ still exists, just only in internal apps accounts, and it’s now called Currents.

Last couple weeks of work have been really rough. I won’t be having my Saturday routine, today, either.

I’m delegate for my Mennonite regional conference this morning, and then hosting (online) the youth group this afternoon. I’ll be doing my best to make these uplifting events.