• 🎢 Don’t know how I’m just now hearing about Submotion Orchestra.

    This is very much my jam. Especially my “hanging out and having a chill evening with cool people” jam.

  • 🎢 Plex took me from Sanctum to Apoptygma Berzerk and my turn-of-the-millennia moment was glorious.

  • 🎢 Disgustipated is the best Tool song.

    Tapeworm is the best musical project that never happened.

    Tool with trash-fashion instruments playing on tour with Einsturzende Neubaten or something would have been epic.

  • βš½οΈπŸ“ΊπŸŽΆ MLS All Access has been pretty good, but they really need some variety in beats in order to mix it up during commentary.

    There’s probably an opportunity here for a tie-in, like in Fitness+.

  • 🎢 I feel like my next Bandcamp album needs to be something super special.

    Taking suggestions.

  • 🎢 I hadn’t really payed attention to Jinjer. That was a mistake.

    This is them live. Can you imagine what the studio recordings are like? Check her stylistic range!

  • 🎢 August Burns Red has three profiles on Bandcamp1. If you are looking for the album released today, check this one

    1. issues with labels, I suspect? ↩︎

  • 🎢 It’s wild to think that all of these Zao albums came out within three years, each being a masterpiece of hardcore/proto-metalcore.

  • 🎢 Furnace Fest is looking pretty rad.

    Also….TFU? I’ve been dreaming of a Demon Hunter show where they are like “nah, we’re gonna do some TFU stuff”.

  • 🎢 genre tags in a never-ending arms race:

    remedial mathcore
  • 🎢 I was wary of the Epic Games takeover: Bandcamp Employees Unionize for Fairer Conditions – Rolling Stone

  • ⚽️ are you ready for some futbol? 🎢

    The #USL starts tonight and my #IXI are away.

    Many (most? all? just check livesoccertv?) are on ESPN+

    1. Post a great album with no explanation.
    2. Tag others to do the same.

    @mileszs@ruby.social @gregorlove.com@fed.brid.gy @infomorph@octodon.social

  • 🎢 Who’s written an essay exploring the themes between Igorrr’s Opus Brain and Downgrade Desert?

    (Specifically: the music videos πŸ“Ί)

  • 🎢 Recent listening matches my various musical proclivities pretty well:

    • atmospheric deathcore
    • super chill dub
    • piano
    • christian industrial
    • darkjazz
    • jazz metal
    • industrial rock
    • christian metalcore (I listen mainly to the old albums)

    Missing: industrial techno, because it’s spread across many artists.

  • 🎢 I find most dream pop to be boring, but Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X is a massive exception.

  • Seen on elephantsite:

    🎢 “Are you ready for some futbol? 🎢 #MLS ⚽️

  • 🎧 attempting headphone repairs 🀞

  • 🎧 We’re having a Gamache-a-thon because the audiobook is due back to the library soon.

  • 🎢 I often think about how Katatonia’s re-release of their album as a semi-acoustic version was genius:

    Dead End Kings becomes Dethroned and Uncrowned

  • 🎢 I think it might be bandcamp friday.

  • I used Plex mostly for 🎢, but tonight we dove into πŸ“Ί and πŸŽ₯ with the addition of an HDHomeRun and antenna. Hope this works!

  • 🎢 It’s not the end of the year, but we’re getting close. Here’s about where it will land. (Much more to come in end-of-year music post.)

  • 🎢 Just heard a new (to me) track that was intriguing, so I checked out the artist and….

    …ok, go on.

    (the band is Ne Obliviscaris)

  • 🎢 How do you get from louisville-rock to antifascist red-and-black-metal?

    Apparantely through:

    • post-rock
    • super-indie-christian industrial
    • extreme christian metal

    This is an example of the “DJ Stretch” feature in PlexAmp, and it’s really fun.

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