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🕊🎶 Apparently some people are losing it over how Silent Planet’s Iridescent album has an expletive in one (incredible) song…

Who wants to tell them about how John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul all use righteous expletives, too?

“Sonically similar” on Plex continues to deliver interesting insights. Underworld (techno iteration) always seemed an outlier in my catalog, according to conventional genre statements, but apparently it’s got a lot in common with many of my EBM tracks.

🎶 Igorrr and Drumcorps are touring Europe and that’s an Ad Noiseam reunion I really want to see in the USA.

🎶 Yovel - Forthcoming Humanity is a fascinating concept album.

black metal based on Greek “poems of Revolution and Love”

“we tried to create a singular narrative, spanning different times, places, struggles; with our future being the final question mark.”

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🎶 Plex’s “sonically similar” feature is pretty cool. In this picture, the top row represents some “obvious” answers to KMFDM-related bands in my collection, but the bottom row shows accurate-but-not-typically-related ones.