⚽️ That was an excellent goal #NATI MLSCup

    Finally getting to the good stuff in duolingo ⚽️

    “When is the soccer game?”

    ⚽️ let’s go ‘Nati

    I lost track of “watke” when I left xitter. But, I’ve found him again on substack and added it to my RSS feed.

    He’s back at it with his hilarious meta-analysis of US soccer coverage.

    example and another

    ⚽️ You know we’ve still got a long way to go on equality when Chelsea’s Emma Hayes comes to #USWNT as head coach at a record-breaking salary, and meanhwile, we can only afford Gregg Berhalter for the #USMNT for about the same.

    ⚽️ It is so stupid trying to figure out where Premier League games are available in the USA.

    Most games are in the NBC family.

    But only some show in Peacock. And some don’t, even if you have Peacock Premium & Plus with live channels like NBC Sports. But the match will be available in the NBC Sports app, but that isn’t covered by a Peacock Premium & Plus subscription.

    🏉 watching the ARG v ENG bronze match while we listen to Inspector Gamache 📚

    These Argentina jerseys remind me of my favorite #USMNT jersey of the last couple decades.⚽️

    ⚽️ Postseason not looking so hot for #IXI

    (0-4 in 47th minute)

    ⚽️ that was a stanky lil’ set piece and I love it #USMNT

    update: beat Ghana 4-0

    ⚽️ Stop asking for a “man of the match” when you didn’t win.

    (#IXI and other teams do this.)

    ⚽️ Alright #USMNT let’s not embarrass ourselves too much.

    edited to add: great showing in the first half. Germany adapted tactics and Berhalter didn’t, and we got embarrassed in the second.

    ⚽️ spotted: Indy Eleven #IXI on their way to San Antonio. Come on, you Boys in Blue!

    ⚽️ My spouse: “I need you to learn some Dutch chants for us to sing at Indy Eleven games”

    Ok, who can help out here? 😅

    ⚽️ My team isn’t in Champions League this year, so we decided to follow a Dutch team. Gonna get a preview of Feyenoord today in league play.

    Wore a Minnesota United jersey (Northern Lights) to Target and nobody asked me any questions. 🙌

    ⚽️ Watching #IXI vs Miami FC and their stadium is basically empty. I would have at least expected some Florida Mans there to see Messi. 🤭

    ⚽️ that’s a rough way to exit, but such is the game

    ⚽️ More from Star Wars night

    Boba Fett III pinStar Wars impersonatorsStarting lineup

    ⚽️ It’s Star Wars night at #IXI and they are playing 🎶 Imperial March 🎶 while the other team (Memphis) roster is being announced. 😆

    (And swapping for #IXI lineup, obviously)

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