#MennoCon19 Delegate Report Day 5 #BringThePeace

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We started our final delegate session by discussing the Churchwide Statement on the Abuse of Child Migrants, including the changes that had been made to the draft. There was a short time for Q&A, in which several folks urged for stronger language in parts, or more details on next steps. MCC and others will continue to help with materials for going forward.

The vote for the resolution passed with only 2 dissenting (of 495). One of those two dissented because they wanted a stronger resolution.

We received reports from the Step Up program, and three amazing representatives from the program.

We also got an update on the Voices Together hymnal project, which is expected to be ready in fall 2020.

Our final discussion around our Renewed Commitments was for the third item: Experience Transformation.

“How have you experienced the transformation of the Holy Spirit in your life? How might that inform the transformation of our shared life as a church?”

At my table, we had a joyous moment of thanks and blessing from a retired (and now volunteer) pastor. I asked him a little bit about how he came to see such beauty and hope in change, even as some struggle with it.

He shared the following wisdom:

“My first rule is: you’re not in charge anymore.”

“Second rule: give only blessings. Let others do the critique.”

“It’s about letting go, letting God. Trust the Sprit of God.”

He commented on why some folks struggle with change:

“It has do with fear, and thus wanting to be in control. People who can’t let go are unhappy.”

We also had all-group Q&A, again, with many great comments. One person reminded us that sometimes the Spirit moves in spite of us.

Our final worship session had Executive Director Glen Guyton as speaker…

…and he kicked it off by singing his rendition of Nirvana’s Come as You Are with the worship band.

(Believe me, I’ll add video here, if they release it. Update: here’s the video!)

Glen reminded us over and over that “God is Bigger”.

  • God is bigger than our documents
  • God is bigger than our issues
  • God is even bigger than the Bible

He repeatedly gave us the call to #BRINGTHEPEACE, and even reminded us of his own background:

“I was an officer in the military & now I’m part of a historic peace church, so don’t tell me your message doesn’t work”

Glen’s charge for us is to “put some action to our words”

“What are you going to do to #bringthepeace after you leave?”

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