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Our friends’ kids decided to sell lemonade to support refugees.

They offered cup decorations, and their choice for mine was perfect. I got a bonus flower, too! 😍

2020: Project Review

To view other 2020 review posts, visit the main post here. Outside of work, I had several projects this year. Frankly, I didn’t have a lot of success. Though I am glad to have been able to work from home easily this year, the workload and stress were extreme this year, even in an industry that is already know for high rates of burnout, suicide, and addiction (that industry being cybersecurity).

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#DearKiddos: A Vaccine for Cruelty

#DearKiddos: I was reading this article today from the Economist: “No Vaccine for Cruelty” (image). It’s about how people in political power have done nastier and nastier things during the COVID-19 crisis, and have largely gotten away with it. The article says “no vaccine”, but I want to try to give you one, anyway. A vaccine is a medicine you take to make it so that you can get through it when a nasty infection comes your way.

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#DearKiddos: Careers

#DearKiddos: I had someone ask me today how I advanced in my career so quickly. I’d like to share those answers with you, but first, some points up front: “advancing” is not the most important standard of your career: it’s more important to look at the impacts (both good and bad) that are the results of our work maybe we should say “vocation” instead of “career” because you might choose to do non-traditional work or do important-but-unpaid services (maybe that’s another topic!

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#DearKiddos: Letting People Vote

#DearKiddos: In a democracy (of almost any kind), one of the most basic ideas is that people have a voice in what happens to themselves and the group. (By “voice”, I mean they have some say in what happens.) This does not always work out perfectly, but it is much better than not having a voice at all! One of the common ways that people have a voice in democracy is by voting.

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Introducing: #DearKiddos

These posts are written first for nieces, nephews, youth at church, and the children of dear friends.

The posts may not be helpful to you today, but maybe they will be someday. Perhaps many of these will be their most meaningful when you aren’t even a “kiddo” anymore. But, I hope you will retain some youthful spirit throughout your life, so don’t let “kiddo” scare you away from reading.

As you read these posts, you may disagree with me, and I hope you sometimes will! What’s important is that you think about the topic deeply, don’t fall for easy answers, and consider what it means to live a good life.

If you want to respond to any of these, I’d encourage you to write your own response and link back to what you are responding to. If you don’t know how to do that, or don’t want to, you can also email me, and I will respond. My email address is my first name and last initial at “”

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