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As I mentioned in my 2021 Product & Service Recommendations, I primarily use Plex + Plexamp for listening to music (and Marvis Pro on the go), and track listens in I listen to podcasts in …

🎶 Speaking of streaming services still playing Christmas music…

This is becoming my top fave, even surpassing the August Burns Red versions.

You know you need a booming black metalcore Christmas carol. #MetalMennonite

🎶 Just found out about Dying Wish. My favorite kind of hardcore. #MetalMennonite

H/T to Silent Planet

🎶 you can tell this is an awesome track based on what Plex thinks is “sonically similar”

🎶 Listening lately.

  • clipping.
  • Zao
  • Front Line Assembly
  • Circle of Dust
  • Living Sacrifice
  • Juno Reactor
  • Killswitch Engage
  • August Burns Red

🎶 Here’s another goodie from today’s releases: Between the Buried and Me - Stare into the Abyss #MetalMennonite #BTBAM

Lots of good releases today. 🎶 Maybe I’ll make a playlist later.

Here’s Silent Planet - Panopticon 🕊 #MetalMennonite

🎶 Top artists the last 90 days, via

Clipping. is the new one, the rest are mainstays. (and some of you may recognize 3 bands in the second row are all projects from the same person.) #MetalMennonite

🎶 Another trip down memory lane

As rumors of Demon Hunter were starting, my friend and I ran into Jesse Smith (of Zao) at Cornerstone and asked him what he knew about it. He had some mischievous grins and vague answers. 😆 #MetalMennonite

🎶 Fun to hear about August Burns Red’s drummer getting into the scene with Embodyment - One Less Addiction. That was (and is) one of my faves, too. #MetalMennonite