🎢 ok, Candace Kucsulain (Walls of Jericho) is a beast! #FF23

🎢 I didn’t know Vein.fm but will be checking them out. Impressive, chaotic live show. #FF23

🎢 Just saw the Clark Brothers (see: Training For Utopia, Demon Hunter, art for many Solid State bands) and told β€˜em I’m excited for tomorrow.

Been hoping for a TFU show for ages. Always wondered if they could do a track after a DH show, but this is better! #FF23

🎢 You can tell which is the soft stage, hard stage, and main stage, just by looking. #FF23

(β€œsoft” being the emo/punk bands and β€œhard” being the hardcore/metalcore bands)

Stage with a water feature Stage in an industrial buildingStage with big lighting and turf

🎢🏴 There’s a US Army recruiting booth very close to a PM Press booth at #FF23 πŸ˜†

🎢 Why did Furnace Fest 23 organizers not put these two bands back to back on the schedule? πŸ˜† #FF23

🎢 Furnace fest morning day 1:

All of the hardcore kids are now hardcore adults and hardcore grandparents, naturally. πŸ˜†

Hopefully nobody gets badly hurt this weekend. #FF23

Look, I’m a Mennonite and had to ask what this is.

(Apparently it’s some vinegar-and-cabbage preparation that sounds like cheater-sauerkraut. I suspect this is yet another appropriation of β€œAmish” and not at all authentic?)

Pork chops with β€œAmish Chow Chow”

πŸ“š Is there something like Calibre ebooks (for ebook management) that isn’t such a hot mess?

Do I know anybody using Tailscale to make their Plex library safely accessible?

🎢 tempted to bring my Blood and Fire artwork to Furnace Fest for signatures, but most of those members aren’t in the band anymore. #FF23

🎢 so many good bands at Furnace Fest, but I’ve got my “must see” schedules locked in. #FF23

With Blood Comes Cleansing, Project 86, Gideon, Norma Jean, AnberlinBecoming the Archetype, Living Sacrifice, Zao, Training for Utopia, Extol, ThursdayTrenches, A Plea for Purging, Between the Buried and Me (BTBAM), Further Seems Forever, Prayer for Cleansing, Haste the Day

🎢 There’s going to be a lot of good times at Furnace Fest, but this block is gonna be epic. #FF23

Living Sacrifice, Zao, Training For Utopia, Extol all playing once after another.

edit: unfortunately Extol could not make it. Because governments.

πŸ•ΉοΈ Starfield PSA:

When you do β€œnew game plus”, most guides will say you keep your skills and powers only. This is incorrect. You also keep your background and traits.

(Looks, too, though I understand there are ways to edit those in the game.)

🏎️ At my first race

IMSA race station depicting the types of cars (3 prototype classes and 2 grand touring classes).

πŸ“‘ Sunday Quote:

“Katrina was an extreme version of what goes on in many disasters, wherein how you behave depends on whether you think your neighbors or fellow citizens are a greater threat than the havoc wrought by a disaster or a greater good than the property in houses and stores around you.”

Rebecca Solnit, A Paradise Built in Hell

I save a lot of info from Pond Informer, but this one was particularly interesting: salamanders of Indiana

Sometimes when it starts to rain, the water bubbles.


Me: β€œwant to listen to our book, like an Ettin?”

Spouse: β€œyes”

(we both wore one earbud.)