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📚 Four Thousand Weeks: it’s as good as they say.

Nothing original, but a great collection of wisdom distilled from various traditions (faith, agile/lean, strategy, psychology, etc.).


Cheri’s tips for a better relationship with the Internet:

1. I abstain from ad-supported and/or algorithmically manipulated social media.

2. I avoid websites with an endless scroll. Aka “doomscrolling.”

3. The only notifications I allow on my phone are calendar appointments.

4. I use privacy-respecting hardware and software, when they exist. When they don’t, I make do with the next best thing. (I’m looking at you, Apple!)

5. I minimize opinion-checking. That is, I form my own conclusions rather than caring what “the internet thinks” about a topic.

6. I don’t frequent places where assholes thrive.


I like this approach to tracking lists and will try it.

Probably works best paired with clarity on your values & priorities, and time-blocking to focus on your priorities.

H/T @jmaxb

2020: News & Magazines Review

To view other 2020 review posts, visit thee main post here. Newspapers and News Magazines I tend to prefer “slow news”, focusing on quality over quantity & speed. Most “breaking news” (or even daily news) I don’t need to hear about, and the net effect of rapid-fire news is to introduce more interruptions and unnecessary stress into our lives. I also try to mix both broad (global) perspectives and local reporting.

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