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I like this approach to tracking lists and will try it.

Probably works best paired with clarity on your values & priorities, and time-blocking to focus on your priorities.

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2020: News & Magazines Review

To view other 2020 review posts, visit thee main post here. Newspapers and News Magazines I tend to prefer “slow news”, focusing on quality over quantity & speed. Most “breaking news” (or even daily news) I don’t need to hear about, and the net effect of rapid-fire news is to introduce more interruptions and unnecessary stress into our lives. I also try to mix both broad (global) perspectives and local reporting.

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Have you ever created a structured or restricted adult “learning plan” outside of academia?

One example would be picking one topic (or a specific short list thereof) and objective(s), then restrict your reading (books, blogs, news, etc.) to those objectives for a specific period?

📚 The Time-Block Plannner by Cal Newport ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Newport’s method is not new, but the planner summarizes it well and provides a good structure for executing it.

The physical product is less fit for purpose (page size, binding, paper), so practicing here and moving elsewhere.

iOS 14 widgets:

Have you found any (e.g. app suggestions) that are recommending usage patterns that your aren’t even aware you had? I have.

How might you process this information?

In Indianapolis, people are receiving old-but-reprinted anti-Catholic conspiracy-theory books in the mail.

I’m sure the timing is not an accident. Disinformation has become so much more powerful than information.

Thinking about the confluence of quarantine, Lent, spring break, climate change, & other events.

What have you been learning and evaluating about your rhythms, habits, priorities, & schedule? Are you finding things that weren’t necessary, aligned with your values, etc.?

What’s been harder? What’s been easier? What’s important to you?