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Becoming a 1st level ranger 🎲 and sleuthing around 🔎

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🎲 Let's Make a Hexmap!

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2021 Recommendations - Listening 🎶🎙

As I mentioned in my 2021 Product & Service Recommendations, I primarily use Plex + Plexamp for listening to music (and Marvis Pro on the go), and track listens in Last.fm. I listen to podcasts in Overcast.fm. I’ll cover a little bit about my listening habits, then share top albums and top podcasts. Music Overview Here’s a rough map of my top genres over the year: If none of those genres are of interest to you, you may just want to skip down to podcasts, otherwise you’re going to be scratching your head (or even recoiling) at a bunch of “weird music”.

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2020: Project Review

To view other 2020 review posts, visit the main post here. Outside of work, I had several projects this year. Frankly, I didn’t have a lot of success. Though I am glad to have been able to work from home easily this year, the workload and stress were extreme this year, even in an industry that is already know for high rates of burnout, suicide, and addiction (that industry being cybersecurity).

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A song for Columbus Day 🎶

(which should actually be Indigenous Peoples’ day) 🎶: Silent Planet - Native Blood The barren wastes, bearing down on me.1 Cracks in the clouds leave me wondering: Did the oceans dry out and return to the sky, for a privileged perspective of our final goodbye? Pretend it’s a house of peace while she’s buried underneath. You built your Father’s house over my mother’s grave.2 Bodies - a mass grave collapse the concave floor.

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