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Beautiful Trouble updated their toolkit.

With the new toolkit you can slice and dice depending on what you are considering, and also create pdfs from your favorites.

This is a nice online companion to the deck of cards.

🎲 Great writeup of my favorite game system(s): Burning Wheel 🔥☸️


  • pioneer in transparency, character goals, “say yes”, “let it ride”, and “use-based improvement”
  • emergent story, character, & setting complexity
  • unique, character-driven play
  • minigames
  • rewards mastery

📚 Finished Reading Give and Take by Adam Grant ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am skeptical of “put people in categories” books, due to all the evidence we have that things like this are not hard & fast categories. This book still had important wisdom to share.

🎶 just learned about Zeal and Ardor, from Manuel Gagneux, an artist who used to make chamber pop music and now creates experimental metal versions of spirituals.